Every detail has been so carefully thought out that seeing it again is like seeing it in another key.” - New York Times

Belle de Jour tells the story of Séverine, a newlywed who is fearful towards intimacy with her husband. Séverine discovers that she has a friend who works at an upper class brothel. This leaves Séverine intrigued, and goes to see for herself what the brothel is like. There, she meets the owner Madame Anais, who hires Séverine immediately although she can only work in the afternoon, giving her the alter ego of Belle de Jour. This begins her secret career of a second life which she keeps from her husband. Director Luis Buñuel’s 1968 masterpiece Belle de Jour has stood the test of time as one of film’s best erotic dramas, still claiming a top place in modern day cinema. Along with Belle de Jour, Buñuel has created other classics, such as The Obscure Object of Desire, The Phantom of Liberty, The Exterminating Angel, and others.

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