Starts July 27 at TIFF Bell Lightbox, Toronto + The Vancity, Vancouver.

“Qu keeps the story moving along in a manner that generates no small amount of tension without ever coming across as overamped and she is aided by a number of strong performances across the board.”  

“...the story grabs you. Ms. Qu shoots the sturdily constructed scenario with unshowy sharpness”  
- The New York Times

TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX (Toronto, ON) - Starts July 27
VANCITY THEATRE (Vancouver, BC) - Starts July 27

ANGELS WEAR WHITE explores the narratives of three girls all impacted from a traumatic event, but from different perspectives. Inspired by real life interactions, Qu's film is a compelling story of a troubling situation that is too common. 

In a small seaside town, two schoolgirls are assaulted by a middle-aged man in a motel.

Mia, a teenager who was working on reception that night, is the only witness. For fear of losing her job, she says nothing. Meanwhile, 12-year-old Wen, one of the victims, finds that her troubles have only just begun. Trapped in a world that offers them no safety, Mia and Wen will have to find their own way out.

Director Vivian Qu draws from a previous encounter she had with a young girl whose parents were migrant workers. The girl had no friends and was clingy to Qu and her team, not wanting to see them go.This left Qu wondering if the young girl was okay. When creating the film, Qu often questioned the role of the women in society, notably “what kind of woman will I become?” inspiring answers within other female characters within the movie.

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