The festival sensation about a 30-year journey to complete a reenactment of Spielberg’s adventure film 

Opens at Cineplex Theatres June 17th in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax and Calgary
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“I think it’s amazing that Steven Spielberg needed $20 million to make ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, and my dad only needed his allowance.” – Eric Zala’s son in Raiders!

“This is the ultimate underdog story …even if it took 35 years to do it.  It’s never too late to follow your dreams.” - Jeremy Coon, Co-director, Raiders!

Films We Like is pleased to announce that Jeremy Coon and Tim Skousen’s Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made will open across Canada on Friday, June 17th.

Raiders! Is a documentary about two friends’ lifelong journey to complete their childhood passion project: a shot-for-shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  An inspiring testament to the creative spirit and the powerful role of cinema, Raiders! was a bonafide hit at festivals such as SXSW, Hot Docs, DOC NYC, Fantasia International and more.

After Steven Spielberg's classic film was released almost 35 years ago, three 11-year-old boys from Mississippi set out on what would become a 7-year-long labor of love and tribute to their favourite film: a faithful, shot-for-shot adaptation of the action adventure film. They finished every scene...except one; the film's explosive airplane set piece.

Over two decades later, Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala reunited with the original cast members from childhood to complete their masterpiece.  Featuring interviews with John Rhys Davies, Eli Roth and more, Raiders! is the story of the project’s culmination, chronicling the friends' dedication to their artistic vision—mixed in with some movie magic—to create the greatest fan film ever made.

Jeremy Coon
In 2004, native Texan Jeremy Coon produced and edited a film that would win fans of all generations: Napoleon Dynamite.  In 2007, Jeremy produced and edited The Sasquatch Gang, a teen comedy he co-produced with Academy Award® winner Kevin Spacey and his first collaboration with director Tim Skousen. Sasquatch won the audience award at the 2006 Slamdance Film Festival as well as Best Director (Tim Skousen) and Best Actor (Justin Long) at the 2006 HBO U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. 

Tim Skousen
Tim Skousen  has made films in several genres including the Slamdance Audience Award winning comedy The Sasquatch Gang, the inspiring HBO documentary The University of Sing Sing (originally known as Zero Percent) as well as the upcoming southern set drama Thunder Broke the Heavens. His films have won many awards around the world and Zero Percent was selected as part of the State Department’s American Film Showcase to be shown as a diplomatic tool in countries like Algeria and Bangladesh.

When not directing features, Tim directs commercials at Moxie Pictures where his work on campaigns for Coke®, Microsoft®, Nike®, Snapple®, and others has garnered multiple awards.

About Films We Like
Founded by award-winning documentary filmmaker Ron Mann (Grass, Comic Book Confidential, Altman) Films We Like is a boutique distributor of documentary, independent, and international films in Canada. Recent releases include: Francofonia, Cemetery of Splendor and Men and Chicken.

Running time:  95 minutes

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Opens across Canada on Friday, June 17th
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Vancouver at Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas - Puchase Tickets
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Halifax at the Scotiabank Theatre - Puchase Tickets
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Also opening
July 2 at the Mayfair Theatre, Ottawa - Purchase Tickets
July 9 at the Broadway Theatre, Saskatoon - Purchase Tickets

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