RESURRECT DEAD Opens in Toronto on Friday, September 23, 2011 at The Royal

A film by Jon Foy

Winner – Sundance 2011 Directing award: Documentary

Opens in Toronto on Friday, September 23, 2011 at The Royal

It’s gratifying to know that in the information age there are still shadowy crevices of the world where mystery and perplexity can still live. These dark corners of the world are diminishing in number, but it’s where magic and imagination can still exist. – Jon Foy

“Toynbee Idea in Movie 2001. Resurrect Dead on Planet Jupiter.” Beginning in the mid-1980s, hundreds of tiles carrying this cryptic message started appearing embedded in the asphalt of city streets throughout North and South America. A young artist named Justin Duerr was living in Philadelphia when he stumbled across one, then many, of these strange creations. What began as an ordinary attempt to discover their elusive creator became an obsessive quest as Duerr discovered an increasingly bizarre set of clues. Duerr spent more than a decade searching for the tiles’ creator, eventually teaming up with other Toynbee tile enthusiasts to gather clues. Crafting an enticing journey from Duerr’s experience, filmmaker Jon Foy invites you to get lost in this incredible real life mystery, a tribute to the fantastic things you can discover if you’re looking. – Sarafina DiFelice, Hot Docs

Filmmaker Jon Foy and Philadelphia-based artist and musician Justin Duerr began planning a documentary film about the Toynbee Tiles in 2000. Five years later, they began filming their investigation of these strange street plaques embedded in the asphalt of major U.S. and South American urban intersections that had held Duerr's fascination for over a decade. Having appeared on hundreds of reported examples from the mid-1980s to present, the cryptic four-line message of the Toynbee Tiles read: "Toynbee Idea / In Kubrick's 2001 / Resurrect Dead / On Planet Jupiter". While the text on the plaques was clear enough, neither Duerr nor the numerous media outlets that had documented the phenomenon knew what these tiles meant, how or why they were installed, or who was responsible for them.

Teaming up with local Toynbee Tile fanatics Steve Weinik and Colin Smith, Duerr began his quest with few clues towards the tiler's identity. The investigation led the team through a series of strange and unexpected turns from the discovery of a Jupiter colonization organization to the David Mamet play “4a.m.” and a TV news hijacker with a cryptic message. Along the way, the team met with the eccentric residents in the deepest reaches of South Philadelphia and dedicated shortwave radio buffs for clues and guidance. As the picture of the Toynbee Tiles' narrative slowly entered into focus, Duerr was shocked by the answers he was uncovering and his unexpected emotional connection to the elusive tiler.

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