Christian Petzold returns to TIFF with this follow-up to ‘Phoenix’ boldly based on Anna Seghers’ 1944 novel of the same name.  Transit blurs time to create a puzzle piece of mistaken identities, a meditation on the specter of facism and of refugees unstuck from history.

Franz Rogowski delivers a break out performance as Georg who flees to Marseille after the Nazi invasion. There he assumes the identity of a dead man whose identity and transit papers he possesses.  Stuck there, he meets Marie (Paula Beer), a young woman desperate to find her missing husband...

The transit space that is described by Anna Seghers in her book is a horizontal space, it is a geographical space, the space between Europe and the United States. But I think that there is also a vertical kind of transit space, and that is time, and the stories that develop over time. And so we not just find ourselves between the United States and Europe, or between land and water, but we also find ourselves trapped in yesterday's time and today... we, in today's world, haven't really made any progress as compared to the past. So it's not people from the past that are ghosts-it is we that are so much more ghost-like. - - Christian Petzold

Born in 1960 in Hilden. Completed German and theater studies at the Free University of Berlin and subsequently directing at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin between 1988 and 1994.

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Running time:  101 minutes

Germany-France, in German and French with English and French subtitles

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