Starring: Dylan Authors, Julia Sarah Stone, Molly Parker, Allan Hawco


WEIRDOS - WINNER!: Canadian Screen Award, 2017
Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role - Molly Parker
Original Screenplay - Daniel MacIvor

Short Synopsis:

Nova Scotia. 1976. The weekend of the American Bicentennial. When 15-year-old Kit decides that living with his father is too repressive, he hits the road to move in with his mother. Accompanied by his girlfriend Alice, Kit will explore his very core - his sexuality, his sense of place and self - in an attempt to find a place to call home.



"one of Bruce McDonald’s sweetest films"
- Toronto Star

4 Stars! "“Weirdos” is the story of outsiders, but as there are more people outside the circle than in, it really is a universal story of self-examination, one that can be enjoyed even if you’ve never hitchhiked or worn an Edward Bear t-shirt."
- CTV News

3.5 out of 4! "A lovely coming-of-age story for Canada"
- Globe and Mail

3 out of 4! "‘We’re all a little Andy Warhol’: Bruce McDonald’s Weirdos is a nostalgic trip"
- National Post

"entertaining and evocative"
- Vancouver Observer

Molly Parker Is Just Fine Now - After cancer treatment, the Deadwood and House Of Cards star found her way back by making Weirdos with old friends Daniel MacIvor and Bruce McDonald - Interview with Molly Parker
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"Weirdos clicks"
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"Wistful, Heartfelt Nostalgia"
- High Def Digest

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3.5 out of 4 "endlessly charming and surprisingly touching "
- One Movie Our Views

"tender and nostalgic"
- In the Seats

"one of Bruce McDonald’s sweetest films"
- Our London

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"A Hidden Gem" - Video Review
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"Bruce McDonald has created another prize winner in Weirdos."
- ReelLife

"amazingly weird"
- GetReelMovies

"the film’s real star, making her feature debut here, is cinematographer Becky Parsons, who captures so much melancholy beauty in her low-contrast black-and-white images of the rural Maritimes."
- The Georgia Straight

From Hard Core Logo to Weirdos: Bruce McDonald's love affair with film and music - Interview with Bruce McDonald
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"a genuine Canadian expression, and an enlightening one"

"Weirdos is a film that manages to resonate beyond its regional reminisces. It's worth a quick ride to TIFF this week to take in some classic CanCon"
- Dandy Horse Magazine

Interview with Allan Hawco at: 25:50
- CBC News Network

"Wild about Weirdos... Weirdos is anything but weird, but it sure is fun to watch"

Bruce McDonald likes to shoot his movies in black and white. Apparently that makes him a weirdo. (Interview with Bruce McDonald)
Winnipeg Free Press

"It's about the weekend when you're 15 and something happens that changes everything. It's the weekend we all had when the world shifted." (Interview with writer Daniel MacIvor)
- Local Xpress

NNN "it’s ultimately Stone who walks away with the picture. Adding an impatient clarity to the old-soul watchfulness she displayed in Wet Bum, she slowly becomes Weirdos’ moral centre. And it’s something to see."
- NOW Magazine

"The film is one of McDonald’s most unabashedly Canadian films yet as the eclectic aura of the Maritime landscape evokes a nation of weirdos. The film owns Canada’s offbeat strangeness that ranges from sea to shining sea."
- Cinemablogger

Feature interview with Allan Hawco and Julia Sarah Stone

"a rare treat of specificity on the big screen."
- Cabon Arc

Canadian rock gems dominate Bruce McDonald’s ‘Weirdos’
- Toronto Sun

An interview with Julia Sarah Stone
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An interview with Julia Sarah Stone

"the quintessential Nova Scotian film this year"
- Chronicle Herald

"'Weirdos' brings the 70s back to Nova Scotia" (Interview)
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"An understatement: Bruce McDonald likes making road movies."
- TFCA Toronto Film Critics Association

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Video interview with Bruce McDonald, director of Weirdos
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"quintessentially universal yet wholly Canadian"

"Joe Books opted for an alternate take on the standard movie novelization for its upcoming adaption of director Bruce McDonald latest film. The independent Toronto publisher hired Kat Kruger, the Vancouver-based YA author, to pen a companion to Weirdos, a black-and-white coming-of-age film rich with Canadian influence."
- Quill and Quire