The true, decades-spanning tale of the greatest fan film ever made.

After Steven Spielberg's classic Raiders of the Lost Ark was released 35 years ago, three 11-year-old boys from Mississippi set out on what would become a 7-year-long labor of love and tribute to their favourite film: a faithful, shot-for-shot adaptation of the action adventure film. They finished every scene...except one; the film's explosive airplane set piece.

Over two decades later, the trio reunited with the original cast members from their childhood in order to complete their masterpiece. Featuring interviews with John Rhys Davies, Eli Roth and more, Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made is just that: the story of this long-gestating project’s culmination, chronicling the friends' dedication to their artistic vision—mixed in with some movie magic—to create a personal, epic love letter to a true modern classic. 


NNNNN! - "If Criterion ever releases Raiders on Blu-ray, this would make a wicked extra."
Now Magazine

3.5 Stars! "If you see only one movie this summer, see the movie about the movie it took seven summers to make."
The Globe and Mail

"Providing a charming examination of adolescence and the bonding nature of cinema, Raiders!: The Greatest Story Ever Made reminds audiences that no one should ever give up on their dreams."
Cinema Axis

"full of beautiful moments that underpin its emotional journey"
Beat Route

"The story behind the greatest fan film ever made" (Audio Interview)

"A fan film blows up real good in Raiders!"
- The Georgia Straight

" a fresh definition of “Indy” filmmaking"
The Georgia  Straight

"The story culminates in a climax straight out of an action movie; the directors couldn’t have hoped for better. We root for Indy to escape the Nazis. We root for those kids of 30 years ago to finish their movie. And we root for their still eager elder alter egos to nail that last shot. That’s a lot of cheering."
National Post

"Men Fulfill childhood dream"
Metro News

A rarely seen Raiders of the Lost Ark tribute film gets its own documentary close-up (Interview)
Toronto Star

Raiders How two kids remade Steven Spielberg classic
Toronto Sun

4 Stars! "'Raiders!' is for anyone who ever had an impossible dream"
CTV News

"A must see for fans who have been obsessed with film since a young age. There’s a lot more to this than just three guys remaking a favourite film though, and you’ll be touched by their passion and stories."
Toronto Film Scene

"Film geeks, rejoice! "
POV Magazine

"Technology has sparked a brand new facet of movie fandom. It’s easy to make your own film these days, and getting easier as cell phones improve. This documentary  details an early example and probably the most remarkable."
Vancouver Observer

4 Stars! "I loved every second of Raiders!, and left the theatre with a huge, childish grin on my face.  This is something truly special."
One Movie Our Views

"a very entertaining and even touching look at these individuals setting out to fulfil this dream."
Sean Kelly on Movies