2017 - ITALY - 93 MINUTES - 1:33 - 5.1 AUDIO - IN ENGLISH

A Made in Italy project with the support of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism in collaboration with Istituto Luce Cinecittà and ANICA.

Set between Paris, Prague, Nuremberg, Manchester, the Polish countryside and the Roman seaside, Nico, 1988 is a road-movie dedicated to the last years of Christa Päffgen, known by her stage name “Nico”. One of Warhol's muses, singer of The Velvet Underground and a woman of legendary beauty, Nico lived a second life after the story known to all, when she began her career as a solo artist. Nico, 1988 is the story of Nico's last tours with the band that accompanied her around Europe in the Eighties: years in which the "priestess of darkness", as she was called, found herself again, shaking off the weight of her beauty and rebuilding the relationship with her only forgotten son. It is the story of a rebirth, of an artist, of a mother, of the woman beyond the icon.


"Danish actress Trine Dyrholm stars and is exceptional in the role." - Vancouver Sun

"An outstanding performance from Danish actor Trine Dyrholm works through singer Christa Päffgen’s complicated emotions, moods and levels of sobriety." - NOW MAGAZINE

"Nicchiarelli’s linear, but freewheeling drama finds tremendous depth and nuance in subtle details, and a commanding lead actress delivering one of the year’s most impressionable performances." - The Gate

"... a radically different way to imagine a film biography." - The Georgia Straight

"...Trine Dyrholm is aces as Nico. She uncannily summons the singer’s brooding performing style, along with her many complications." - Toronto Star

"With the attractively depressing art-house biopic Nico, 1988, Paffgen gets 93 admirable minutes." - The Globe and Mail

"Pure rock and roll passion filtered through anger, hurt and a desire to be heard." - richardcrouse.ca

"Danish actor Trine Dyrholm does a mesmerizing portrayal of her out on her last tour, including singing her songs, old and new." - Vancouver Observer

"By preserving its subject’s iconoclastic attitude and showcasing her equally iconoclastic music, Nicchiarelli’s film honours Nico..." - TIFF