MAVIS! is the first documentary on gospel/soul music legend and civil rights icon Mavis Staples and her family group, The Staple Singers. From the freedom songs of the ’60s and hits like “I’ll Take You There" in the ’70s, to funked-up collaborations with Prince and her recent albums with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, Mavis has stayed true to her roots, kept her family close, and inspired millions along the way.

Featuring powerful live performances, rare archival footage, and conversations with friends and contemporaries including Bob Dylan, Prince, Bonnie Raitt, Levon Helm, Jeff Tweedy, Chuck D, and more, MAVIS! reveals the struggles, successes, and intimate stories of her journey. At 75, she's making the most vital music of her career, winning Grammy awards, and reaching a new generation of fans. Her message of love and equality is needed now more than ever.



Mavis Staples’ inspiring passion on full display in new documentary
The Globe and Mail

Mavis Staples discusses the Staple Singers’ legacy and whether it’s strange that her fan base is now largely white Americans

"Staples is still going strong."
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MAVIS! Director on what it took to make the first doc about the legend. Jessica Edwards talks publicity, Pops and Prince

"Mavis Staples [...] is irresistibly charismatic."

Director Jessica Edwards explores the family’s musical roots and civil rights activism through interviews and archive footage
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"Mavis Staples can leave audiences breathless.  Jessica Edwards’ Mavis! will do the same to movie goers."
Wylie Writes

"Mavis! celebrates the life of a singular voice"
The Georgia Straight

"[Mavis!] earns the exclamation point in its title by matching the spirited energy of Staples."
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"The feeling of joy and happiness throughout this doc will have you tapping your feet."
Northern Stars

"Mavis! Is Jessica Edwards' inspirational film on the life of Mavis Staples, whose unique voice brought joy and happiness to millions as the most prominent member of the Staples Singers, a family act led by and directed with great foresight by Roebuck “Pops” Staples."
The Whole Note

Documentary a tribute to soul legend Mavis Staples

"a lovely documentary celebrating the career of one of the finest singers ever to make it into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame."
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"magnificent Mavis has still got it"
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"I wanted to make this film because I wanted other people to feel the way that I felt when I was listening to her and her family’s music."
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"[an] inspirational film on the life of Mavis Staples"
The Whole Note

Soul Sister: An Interview with Mavis! Director Jessica Edwards
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"a rousing and entertaining celebration of her inspiring life and music"
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Jessica Edwards discusses Mavis!
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"We always wanted to tell Mavis’s story, but we wanted Mavis to tell it."
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