2017 - USA - ISRAEL - 82 MINUTES

Audio Description Courtesy "Woman of her word"

If there’s anyone who personifies the resilience, the vision and ultimately the contribution of the Jewish people, it’s Itzhak Perlman. The violin is the chosen instrument of Perlman, the vehicle he has used to overcome his own challenges and express himself to the world. In Perlman and his music, we hear the story of obstacles and survival, we trace the path of the Jewish people from the chaos of Europe to the promise of Israel, we see the comfort of home and family and witness how humor and talent combine with discipline and drive.

We hear his tales of growing up as the child of polish survivors - where his mastery of the instrument takes him from his small neighborhood in Tel Aviv to the world’s most prominent stages - we hear his perspective on music and life. Through Itzhak Perlman, we’re able to see an artist at work, a modern Jewish family embracing its heritage while living in a world of changing expectations, and how the legacy of both the Jewish people and the violin are knitted together in one remarkable human being.



"overflows with melodious sounds that warm the heart and perk up the mind. And at its center of it all is a brilliant violinist who always hits the right notes"
- Times of Israel

"this is no lazy simplistic documentary as it keeps you on your toes and lulls any criticism with the incredible Perlman performing."
- The Square

“Apparently [Spielberg] watched some of my films and said [to Perlman] she’s the right person to do it,” (Interview with director Alison Chernick)
- Canadian Jewish News

NNN! " a testament to his enduring relationship with his wife, Toby, whom he met at a music summer camp as a teen. She’s gregarious and organized, and they obviously love one another. "
- NOW Magazine

"It’s rare in the world of classical music for a performer to become a household name, but violin virtuoso Itzhak Perlman is a brand unto himself."
- Globe and Mail

"charming and easygoing"
- Wylie Writes

"Fiddler On The Move. Genius artists are supposedly insufferable. Not Itzhak"
- Planet S/ Prairie Dog