From the director of DOGTOOTH, nominee for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar® in 2011.

A nurse, a paramedic, a gymnast and her coach have formed a service for hire. They stand in for dead people by appointment, hired by the relatives, friends or colleagues of the deceased. The company is called Alps. Their leader, the paramedic, calls himself Mont Blanc. Although Alps members operate under a discipline regime demanded by their leader, the nurse does not.

Yorgos Lanthimos was born in Athens, where he studied directing for film and television. Since 1995, he has directed a series of videos for dance-theatre companies, television commercials, music videos, short films and theatre plays. In 2011, he staged Chekhov’s Platonov at the Greek National Theatre. His first film KINETTA (2005) screened at the Toronto and Berlin Film Festivals to critical acclaim. His sophomore feature KYNODONTAS (Dogtooth) won the Un Certain Regard prize at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, followed by numerous awards at festivals worldwide. It was also nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 2011 Academy Awards©.

(9 out of 10) "Alps is like a horror movie where reality keeps warping: Call it Invasion of the Identity Snatchers. And, like that sci-fi touchstone, the indelible final shot here is the stuff of nightmares."
The Grid

"Lanthimos’ film, with its emphasis on death deferred, holds the chilly fascination of a gaping skull. Our habitual pettiness and social programming deaden us until one day, we’re actually dead, no substitutes allowed." 
Globe and Mail

"a disturbing melange of the squicky-funny and horror" (An interview with director Yorgos Lanthimos)
Toronto Standard

"Lanthimos is getting at something very specific about authority and repression in both films (DOGTOOTH/ ALPS), and it’s fascinating to watch him work through his issues."
NOW Magazine

5 out of 5! "darkly funny and sweepingly unsettling"
The Torontoist

"When a director has the ability to make you question your own perception, you know you’re witnessing greatness.”

“Yorgos doesn’t want from us to approach the roles in a traditional way or justifying things or analyzing or talking about what the character feels. Or what he wants or what the motivation is. We don’t talk about these things. We try to be there in the moment (during filming) and react to others. And be lost.” - Interview with Yorgos Lanthimos, Aggelika Papoulia and Ariane Labed
Toronto Star

"...a real mind trip with strong acting, and it leaves you to wonder what Lanthimos and Filippou will do next."
Toronto Star

"(a) wonderfully offbeat film"

"Yes, it’s all a little weird. But then, so is their movie." - An interview with Yorgos Lanthimos
NOW Magazine

" encompassing experience that can make people look within themselves at just how the handle grief and how they present themselves to the world. It holds up an interesting mirror where people might not exactly like what they see, but that doesn’t make it any less vital of a work. Alps asks viewers keep up with the pace of life no matter how off putting it tends to be, and damned if it doesn’t work wonderfully."
Dork Shelf

"Alps’ Another Unique & Remarkable Film From Director Yorgos Lanthimos"